The Science

“One of the active ingredients in Stratum C has been shown, in studies that I carried out, to increase the production of collagen by skin cells by up to 70%."

Prof Ian W Hamley University of Reading, UK


"The benefit of increasing collagen production is especially important for women going through menopause which has been shown to suppress the body's natural collagen production leading to premature ageing of the skin." 

Prof Machelle Seibel  Editor, My Menopause Magazine, USA

How Stratum C works

Stratum C menopause skin care products are unique because we have a special combination of active ingredients at concentrations much higher than high street brands and proven in published clinical studies. 

What are peptides?

A peptide is made up of amino acids, naturally occurring proteins that are the building blocks of life. 
Peptides have been of interest to the medical and pharmaceutical sector because of their role in wound healing and skin care and have been researched extensively. In particular the combination of peptides used in Stratum C has been shown to nearly double the skin's own production of collagen.

Stratum C products use two different combinations of peptides.

The first makes your muscles tighten.

These peptides work together to make the muscles under the skin tighten. This method of flattening facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles using a topically applied cream or serum is far safer than the invasive procedures such as the paralysis of muscles using Botox injections.

The second stimulates collagen growth
These peptides include Matrixyl and activate a biochemical process that helps increase the proliferation of collagen. This strengthens the skin’s elasticity and improves tone and suppleness. Achieving this with a topically applied cream or serum that stimulates the production of one’s own collagen is more pleasant and safer than using injectable wrinkle fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and skin elasticity

These active ingredients have been combined with a high quality cosmetic grade Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane which are naturally occurring cellular lubricants shown in clinical studies to improve skin elasticity, suppleness and hydration. 

Luxuriant moisturizer for radiant feeling skin

The base moisturisers in Stratum C are natural luxuriant products well known in the beauty industry including Jojoba Oil, Seaweed Extract and Apricot Oil. The latter is an excellent source of Vitamin A and E, two very important skin vitamins which are lost during menopause.

Further reading and external links

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