Hampshire, UK

"I like the fact that StratumC works with my own skin to produce the extra collagen that I need rather than having to resort to fillers and injections."


Sommerset, UK

"I've being using Olay for many years and after trying Stratum C I am a convert. I love the way it feels on my skin."


Wiltshire, UK

"The texture of the menopause protect cream is luxuriant and light. It absorbs easily into the skin unlike the other intense, greasy moisturisers I've tried. But then, I have to say, this is the first cream I've seen that looks after menopausal skin so maybe that's why its different."


Stockholm, Sweden

"My skin feels firmer and the wrinkles around my eyes and nose have reduced. I have been using both products for 2 months and I have just ordered more."



"I ordered Stratum C after reading about the product in the Daily Mail. Even after one week I can see the difference. My skin feels fuller and a lot less dry. Love the texture and its great that its designed just for this time of my life." 


South Africa

"Due to the constant sun in South Africa I need to be very careful about skin care - particularly facial. I have noticed since I started using Stratum C my skin is more plumper and more hydrated."


Surrey, UK

"Stratum C immediately tightened my skin, smoothed wrinkles and gave a fresh dewy glow to my complexion. It has made a lasting difference to my skin. It feels younger, softer and exudes a youthful radiance after a short time. Stratum C is a little miracle and my little secret."

Testimonial B.png


Rotherham, UK

"I went through the change years ago but I still get symptoms and its my skin that worries me most so I make sure I use the best products. I like the science behind Stratum C and it feels gorgeous, better than any moisturiser I have bought before."


Turku, Finland

"I have earlier used cream, which was many times expensive than Stratum C cream (Sisley Supremya), but I must say, that it was good, this was EXCELLENT!"


London, UK

"When my menopause started, I felt my face was looking older by the day. But after using Stratum C, my skin feels youthful again and that's given me a big psychological boost."


Dubai, UAE

"I have been using Stratum c since November and find its a fantastic product. It's starting to make a huge change to my skin- just a little recommendation here on a personal note - I had to have a hysterectomy 3 years ago and found that 2 years later an acceleration of skin decline started, which was quite upsetting. I have tried a lot of products, saw Stratum C ad and decided to order it -after a month I found my skin looked more fresh and plumper, less grey and dull and although I am 57 and can only expect time to take its toll, quite a few people have commented on how well i look."




"It is absolutely amazing. I am 59 and my skin has not looked this good since I was 35. But I am spending so much. It is worth it but not sure my bank manager agrees. Would appreciate if you could push for larger quantities in packaging because although packaging is lovely, I would buy it in a bucket." 

Stratum c


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