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October Newsletter

Here we are fast approaching the eve of another and frankly very unusual year for us all. Last month we ran a “giveaway” where one of our customers would receive a free bottle of wine when they placed an order for Neck and Décolletage cream, or Night Therapy cream ordered within the month. I am pleased to say our lucky winner has a bottle of wine in the post this week for them to enjoy.

The other topic I wanted to cover was around a question I received this week regarding the difference between our eye serum and repair serum and whether there was a necessity to use both. I thought this was an interesting enquiry that some of you may have wondered yourself and be interested in hearing. Our eye serum ingredients are focussed more on improving problems associated with aging and menopause in this delicate area. The eye serum contains a special type of peptide naturally derived from rice which is proven to increase blood flow, reduce puffiness and is ideal to visibly remove the dark circles from around eyes. The eye serum is also supplied in a unique syringe like dispenser for more targeted application. A little goes a long way and each syringe contains around 100 applications. In contrast the repair serum has a more intense hydration system with a combination of 6 peptides derived to work with the body's own skin to create collagen whilst also acting to temporarily smooth out wrinkles over a much larger area. Neither of our products contain harsh preservatives, paragons, fragrance or artificial colourings, so using the repair serum around the eye area when applying to your face is perfectly suitable and will still have the effect of reducing fine lines.

Enjoy the coming autumn, a beautiful time of year for walking and enjoying the colours of nature.

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