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July Newsletter

I was asked a couple of weeks ago to write a few words about why our skincare range was specifically targeted for menopausal skin so I thought in this month’s newsletter I would share that and explain how we formulate our Stratum C products with menopause in mind.

The median age for menopause is 52. During this period and in the lead up, dramatic changes occur in the skin, the primary cause of these changes is a reduction in oestrogen. This decline in oestrogen production is associated with a reduction in collagen which can be as much as 30% in the first 5 years following menopause. This leads to the loss of elastin fibres causing the appearance of increased and deepening wrinkles as the skin becomes less taut. The loss of collagen also leads to the appearance of thinner, more transparent skin. This lack of oestrogen production also causes less oil production in the subcutaneous glands reducing the ability of the skin to acts as a natural barrier and retain water. For this reason, a lot of menopausal women experience increased dryness in their skin. Hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar found in our skin) increases the ability of the skin to stay hydrated and plump, this also decreases with age.

Our products contain ingredients that combat these naturally decreasing effects. Firstly, we reduced the water content allowing our products to contain a higher proportion of active ingredients than most other traditional anti-aging creams. Our specifically created Stratum C Protect Cream and Repair Serum contain a combination of 6 peptides which includes Matrixyl® peptides. We use a concentration of 3% of Matrixyl® which is around 12 times higher than most other high street creams. This works to relax the muscles, tighten the skin and increases collagen production. All our products contain Vitamin A, to repair damage, Vitamin B5, to increase skin hydration and Vitamin E, an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals and protects remaining collagen. These antioxidants are from botanical sources such as essential oils from jojoba, apricot kernel oil and rose hip seed and aloe vera, seaweed and daisy flower extracts. Irish moss seaweed found in the repair serum and cleanser is known to help moisturise and hydrate the skin. In addition, our protect cream, repair serum, eye serum, toner and pigment correction gel contains hyaluronic acid at 2% which is a little higher in concentration than most other brands to aid in maintaining hydration and hence improves skin elasticity. We’re confident that using our products in your daily regime can help to alleviate some of the skin problems experienced during menopause.

On a lighter note, July is upon us so hopefully sunny days and warm balmy evenings to sit out and enjoy a chilled glass of wine and now the shops are opening I’m hoping for a chance of some much-needed retail therapy.

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