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Protect Cream

50ml Protect Cream. Luxuriant Apricot and Jojoba based moisturiser with Stratum C collagen boosting peptides, rich nutrients to protect the skin and exclusive wrinkle reducing technology.


Repair Serum

15ml Repair Serum. Intense Seaweed based clear gel with high levels of Hyaluron and wrinkle reducing peptides for intense treatment around the eyes, forehead and problem areas.

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Gentle Cleanser

120ml Gentle Cleanser. Since menopausal skin is thinner and more sensitive, this Stratum C effective but gentle cleanser inlcudes Rose Hip Oil and Seaweed extract providing natural moisturising qualities and a rich source of Vitamin A and E, which are lost during menopause. 

Calming Skin Toner

120ml Calming Toner. This Aloe Vera based toner uses a unique formula containing Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluron and botanical extracts to restore moisture, tighten skin, maintain a healthy pH balance and offers powerful anti-oxidant protection from free radicals.

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Spot Relief

30ml Spot Relief. Stratum C Spot Relief is for use only on the affected area to reduce inflammation and eliminate blemishes overnight while protecting the rest of your skin. By applying the light pink paste directly onto the site of the spot you maximise the effective mixture of Salicylate, Zinc and Sulphur whilst protecting the rest of your skin from harsh cleansers.

Vitality Eye Serum

12ml Vitality Eye Serum. Using naturally derived peptides extracted from rice soya and yeast proteins, this serum boosts collagen and stimulated the blood flow around the eye to eliminate dark circles. Combined with Stratum C's luxuriant anti-ageing ingredients it will restore your eyes healthy glow, replenish key moisture and reduce existing wrinkles.

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COMPLETE 4 Hand Care Cream

75ml Complete 4 Hand Care. This is the ultimate care package for mature hands providing the essential attributes to protect and rejuvinate in one rich non-greasy, luxuriant moisturising cream.

Pigment Correction Gel

30ml Pigment Correction Gel. By attacking the enzyme in your skin which allows age spots to form, this gel gets to the heart of th problem. Using a breakthrough natural and scientifically tested combination of ingredients we can inhibit the effects of age related pigment on both hands and face.

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Night Therapy Cream

50ml Night Therapy Cream. A rich pink hued gel to oil formula packed with antioxidants from natural botanical extracts to combat daily stress to your skin by neutralising damaging free radicals, restoring your skin as you sleep.

 Neck and Décolletage CreaM

30ml Rejuvenating Neck and Décolletage Cream.  By increasing collagen synthesis and inhibiting elastin breakdown this cream reinforces your skin's support structure to achieve a tighter and firmer appearance to the delicate skin around your jowl, neck and décolletage. The addition of hyaluronic acid and squalene in the formula boosts skin hydration.