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How often do I use Stratum C Protect Cream and Stratum C Repair Serum?      

Using a pea-sized amount, apply to clean skin morning and evening particularly to the forehead and area around the eyes using a light circular motion until the cream or serum has been absorbed into the skin. Both products can be used in isolation or together as part of your morning and bedtime beauty routine. If using both, the Stratum C Menopause Skin Repair Serum should be applied first on the areas where intensive action is needed followed by a general application of the Stratum C Menopause Skin Protect Cream.   
Can non-menopausal and peri-menopausal women use Stratum C?     

There is nothing harmful in Stratum C and in fact all women would benefit from the moisturizing and anti-aging effect of the ingredients. Menopause is the time when the benefits are optimal.     

How is Stratum C different to other high street anti-aging creams?      

Stratum C Protect Cream has a higher percentage of active and nutritional ingredients and only 45% Aqua (water) content, as opposed to many high street brands that have can average 90% water. Stratum C Repair Serum has low (18%) water content and is a unique formulation that is exclusive to Forme Labs Ltd and is scientifically proven to be effective. Both products are first and foremost beautiful and sumptuous moisturisers, leaving the skin radiant, cool and rejuvenated, a feeling that you will love.     

Is Stratum C an alternative to HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?      

No, Stratum C is not an alternative to HRT. Stratum C does not contain any hormones and should only be used to effectively reduce wrinkles in your skin that are commonly formed as a result of menopause and protect your skin from further wrinkle formation. If you are thinking about stopping your HRT, you should seek advice from a doctor.     

Can I use Stratum if I have broken skin or a cut or abrasion on my skin?      

Like with many other skincare products, we recommend that you do not use Stratum C products on your skin if you have any cuts, abrasions or broken skin. There is nothing harmful in Stratum C but it is not intended to be used for wound healing.     

Does Stratum C follow the appropriate safety regulations?       

Yes, Stratum C complies fully with Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 (the “Cosmetic Products Regulation”) and follows all of the UK and US safety regulations. It has been through rigorous performance and safety checks including 3 year stability testing, preservative microbiological challenge tests to prove its resistance to key bacteria. The clinical benefits have been the subject of published and peer reviewed research. In addition Forme Labs subjects its products to a comprehensive safety assessment by a highly qualified chemist from an independent laboratory. It is notified by the CPNP European Agency and Forme Labs Ltd holds a comprehensive PIF that shows that Stratum C is made with safe ingredients that are non-harmful. If you would like to find out more, please contact Customer Services and we will happy to provide safety information on request.      

How do I store my Stratum C products?      

There are no special directions for storage. Once open the product remains in optimal condition for 6 months at an average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.     

Do Stratum C products have an expiry date?      

Some of the active and natural ingredients do contribute to the products having a shelf life. The expiry date of each product is 3 years from manufacture and the expiry date is printed on the base of the container along with the LOT number so that we can trace the product.      

Is Stratum C tested on animals?     

Absolutely not. None of our products or their raw materials are tested on animals.     

Who makes the product?     

The product is manufactured especially for Forme Laboratories in the USA. The manufacturing is carried out in compliance with FDA (federal drugs agency) regulations and under the guidelines of GMP (good manufacturing practice).        


What is a peptide?     

A peptide is a composed of several amino acids, naturally occurring proteins that are the building blocks of life. They have been the subjects of substantial research in areas like skin care and wound healing.     

What is Hyaluronic acid (Hyaluron)?       

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a major component of skin where it lies in the connective tissue aiding hydration and elasticity. It is also found in cartilage and eyes and is commonly used in healthcare and medicine where it is involved in tissue repair. When skin is exposed to excessive UVB rays, it becomes inflamed and the cells in the dermis stop producing as much HA, and increase the rate of its degradation. It is used widely in the beauty industry to increase hydration, suppleness and plumpness of skin, although because of its cost, often in very low quantities with questionable benefit. Within Stratum C Repair Serum the proportion of HA is 26% making it a highly effective treatment for lines and wrinkles.     

What is the purpose of the Jojoba / Apricot / Seaweed ingredients?     

We try where possible to use natural materials as the base moisturiser. These ingredients are both natural and comprehensively tested for their benefits. 

Jojoba Seed Oil (Protect Cream) is actually a wax ester containing lipids very similar to those found in human sebum (a lipid secreted by human skin to prevent dehydration). It provides excellent moisturizing and emollient (prevent drying) characteristics. It has been shown to be an effective anti-oxidant (protects the skin from free-radicals in UV and smoke). 

Apricot Kernel Oil (Protect Cream) is a source of vitamin A and E that are lost during menopause. It is rich in gamma linoleic acid (come from Omega 6) proven to moisturise and tone the skin but being mild with a modest anti-inflammatory response improving tolerance to sensitive skin.      

Seaweed Extract (Repair Serum) has natural moisturizing and hydrating properties and an excellent gel like substrate for our repair serum.  It is rich in nutrients typically found in the skin and so acts to replenish.    


What do I do if I have not received my products within 7 working days?       

If you have not received your Stratum C products after 7 days, there may have been a problem with postage. We recommend that you check at your local post/sorting office. If it is not at a post/sorting office, please contact us immediately and we will aim to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.     

How do I track my order?      

We dispatch your order within 3 working days and when your parcel is delivered, it will require a signature. If you wish to find out where your package is at all times, please contact us and we can provide this information as requested.     

Do you have a money back guarantee?     

Yes, if you are not completely happy with your Stratum C products, within 7 days of receiving them we will issue a full refund.