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Do I need a specific eye serum?

The skin around the eyes becomes thinner as we get older. The circulation in this area can be altered by a number of causes such as dehydration, which can cause the eyes to look dark and tired. Age lines become more prominent as collagen levels drop, and crows feet and under eye lines often need extra special attention, especially as the skin tends to be more sensitive in this area.


During menopause, women often experience sleepless nights (up to 61% of women) and this can have an impact on our eyes.


Stratum C developed the Vitality Eye Serum to cater for this specialist area. The Serum contains naturally derived peptides from Rice, Soya and Yeast Extracts which are more suitable for sensitive skin. These help to boost circulation and your skin’s own natural collagen levels to reduce dark circles and lines. The Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration to help keep the skin plump and smooth.


We recommend using this eye serum specifically for the eye area, whilst our Repair Serum is suitable for other areas of the skin to boost collagen levels and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. 

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