How to use the Products
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How often do I use Stratum C Protect Cream and Stratum C Repair Serum?      

Using a pea-sized amount, apply to clean skin morning and evening particularly to the forehead and area around the eyes using a light circular motion until the cream or serum has been absorbed into the skin. Both products can be used in isolation or together as part of your morning and bedtime beauty routine. If using both, the Stratum C Menopause Skin Repair Serum should be applied first on the areas where intensive action is needed followed by a general application of the Stratum C Menopause Skin Protect Cream.   

Can I use Stratum if I have broken skin or a cut or abrasion on my skin?      

Like with many other skincare products, we recommend that you do not use Stratum C products on your skin if you have any cuts, abrasions or broken skin. There is nothing harmful in Stratum C but it is not intended to be used for wound healing.   

Stratum C Gentle Cleanser
Use a warm face cloth to wet face and open pores, lather the gel using your finger tips and massage over the skin in small circular motions. One or two pumps should be sufficient. Remove using your damp cloth. Use morning and evening for oily skin, or just once per day, or every other day for dry skin types. Ideal for use before Stratum C Calming Toner, and our Repair Serum and Protect cream. 

Stratum C Calming Toner
After cleansing, apply a small amount of Calming Toner to a cotton wool pad and gently smooth across the surface of the skin to remove any excess cleanser and residual dry skin cells. This will help to cleanse your pores, balance skin and the Hyaluron will provide moisture, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and soothed. 

Stratum C Repair Serum
Apply onto clean skin morning and evening to the areas of your face that you feel need more attention such as the forehead lines, and around the nose, mouth and chin. One pump will provide enough gel for the entire face as the consistency is light and sumptuous and a little goes a long way. 

On first using, you may feel a tightening sensation, which means the peptides are getting to work, this is perfectly normal. 

For best results, use in conjunction with Stratum C Protect Cream, applying the Repair Serum first and then the Protect Cream to the entirety of the face. Best results can be seen after 28 days.

Stratum C Protect Cream
Apply to clean skin morning and evening to the entire face. Use a small pea sized amount and dot onto each section of the face to ensure even coverage, before gently massaging into the skin in small circular motions. For best results, use Stratum C Repair Serum before applying the Protect Cream for an extra boost of peptides, Hyaluron and antioxidants. Best results can be seen after using for 28 days. 

Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum
The Vitality Eye Serum has been developed for use on the soft, more sensitive skin around the eyes and uses naturally derived peptides from Rice, Soya and Yeast extracts. 
Apply one pump from the syringe, which is sufficient for both eyes, and dab into the skin using the finger tips. For best results use twice daily, morning and evening and follow with Stratum C Protect Cream. 

One syringe will provide more than 100 doses. Best results can be seen after using for 28 days. 

Stratum C Pigment correction Gel
Apply a small amount to areas which are affected by age spots. This can be the entirety of the face, or hands and should be used 3 times a day for maximum results. 

You may feel a slight tingling sensation following application which means the ingredients are getting to work, this is perfectly normal. You will begin to see a reduction in the appearance of age spots after 4 weeks and we recommend that for further protection from sun damage, you continue to use an SPF of at least factor 15 on top of your other skin care products. 

Stratum C Spot Relief
This product is used to reduce redness and inflammation of spots and blemishes and can be applied before bed, or left to dry for at least one to two hours. 

You must let the pink sediment settle to the bottom of the bottle and do not shake. To apply, use a cotton bud to dip into the pink sediment which is protected by a clear liquid that evaporates on contact with oxygen. Apply the pink lotion just to the areas that are affected by spots and leave to dry, or overnight. Wash off the following morning with Stratum C Gentle Cleanser and to reveal reduced blemishes. We recommend up to 3 applications for best results. 

At all times, try to avoid irritating your blemishes by picking or squeezing as this can cause more bacteria to get into the pores and cause scarring. You should also try to avoid applying this product to broken skin as it may sting. 

This product is great for when acne treatments are too harsh, and by only needing to apply to the affected areas, you can avoid washing the entirety of your face with any harsh chemicals which are not suitable for sensitive skin. 

What order do I use Stratum C products in?
Our core range should be used as follows: 

Step 1 Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser

Step 2 Tone with Calming Toner

Step 3 Serum(s) with Repair Serum and Vitality Eye Serum, Pigment Correction Gel

Step 4 Moisturise with Protect Cream

Specialist products such as the Pigment Correction Gel and Spot Relief should be used as necessary. Pigment Correction Gel should be used during step 3 and Spot Relief should be used at night after cleansing and then washed of the following morning. It should not be used on top of moisturiser as the moisturiser will act as a barrier between the products and may prevent it from working. 

How often should I use the products and how long will they last?

A set of products will usually last 2-3 months, however this will vary depending on how often you use them and how much you use. By following the directions for each product, they will last for the recommended 2-3 months.