Hand Care
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Looking after your hands

Hands are often the first sign of ageing. Over time they become worn and the prolonged exposure to the elements can take its toll.

Stratum C have created a fabulous and unique hand and nail care product - the Complete 4 Total Hand Care Cream, addressing all aspects of hand care by combining scientifically proven ingredients which conquer age spots, wrinkles, sun damage and nail strengthening - all in one revolutionary new cream.

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We have put together a list of everyday tips to help you make the most of caring for your hands and prevent further damage through exposure to the elements:


  •             Always wear gloves when cleaning and washing up - having your hands in water for prolonged periods of time can cause the skin to become dry - try putting on moisturiser before you put your gloves on and afterwards to lock in the moisturising ingredients
  •             Always wear gloves when it is cold - the cold can have a huge negative impact on hands as they are constantly being exposed to the outdoors
  •           Moisturise regularly and after every time your hands come into contact with water. Stratum C Complete 4 Total Hand Care contains SPF and uses a Shea Butter base to moisturise and protect your hands
  •          Try to eat more fatty acids to improve overall skin health such as oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds
  •           Keep fingers moving to improve circulation, try daily exercises like drumming your fingers on a table or clenching and releasing your fists repeatedly for 5 minutes
If you have any specific questions about hand care or using Stratum C Complete 4 Total Hand Care, feel free to contact us. 

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