Dr Sally Loomis

Breakfast with the family in Brighton Feb 2020

Our business was started in 2013 by my partner Tim and his co-founder Martin.  Due to work and home commitments I didn't become actively involved in the business until 2017 where I took up co-ownership. 

I have been a scientist for over 30 years mostly in the field of neuroscience and have a doctorate focusing on the effect of sleep deprivation on our cognitive ability. As a 50 year old woman beginning to go through the menopause teamed with a strong scientific background, I felt excited to begin running a business close to my heart that is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your skin. 

Outside of Stratum C and work, I have 5 fantastic teenagers at home and enjoy running and cycling. It gives me my time out and some friendly competition on weekends. 

I think its time Stratum C had a bit of a "facelift",  so we are planning to introduce some new products over the coming year that will complement our current range and become valuable additions to your skincare regime.